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We Offer:

  • Website Design
  • Photography
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Hosting
  • SEO Management

Accessible and user-focused websites effortlessly created using one of the world’s most versatile website platform’s WordPress. All websites are designed to suit both desktop and mobile platforms.

Explore Your Creative Side With Us

Ctrl Media focuses on each customer’s journey. Client collaboration is a top priority to ensure your vision is encapsulated in the design and execution of each project.

You’re always in control.

What Is Ctrl Media?

Ctrl Media is a media company based out of Cork. It was started by University College Cork student Stephen O’Brien in 2019.

The goal of Ctrl Media is to collaborate with clients to bring their dreams and ideas to life. Ctrl offers creative ideas and new ways to execute them.

Ctrl has an eye for design and a passion to make things simple.

Goals of Ctrl

The goal of Ctrl Media is to bridge the gap between people that aren’t familiar with setting up and maintain a presence online and the people that are. It can be a very intimidating process and every detail is crucial.

Which is why we would like to work closely with our clients to not only make the work as easy as possible, but to make the entire process as informative as possible for them so that they can gain a greater understanding of it.

Another reason we like to collaborate closely with our clients is to get a better understanding for their ideas for their business and to bring those ideas to life. Ctrl offers creative ideas and new ways to execute them.

So if you’re ready to take control, get in touch!


A thriving online presence is paramount to success in the world of business today. Your websites and social media must be captivating and engaging and truly representative of your brand and message.

The vast array of services available at Ctrl Media can create and maintain all aspects of your online presence.

Website Design

Designing the website that will be at the core of your business. Creating a layout that is suited to your content and allows customers to view services, pricing and contact information. Websites designed to accommodate a desktop, mobile and tablet layout, ensuring your customers can reach you at all times.


High quality photographs are essential to deliver a professional appearance. Photographs representing your products and services can enhance your original content on social media, websites and blogs. Browse the Ctrl Media portfolio below to appreciate the impact of high quality image sharing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating, sharing and receiving content to promote your product/service in the best way possible. It can be done through videos, blogs, social media, infographics, case studies etc.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can deliver content straight to your customers who utilise it daily. It is one of the most engaging and cost-effective methods of advertising. Successful social media marketing can allow for unrivalled brand engagement from your customers.

Website Hosting

Providing you with the best available technology to host your website(s) and store your content safely on out server.

SEO Management

Our SEO management aims to increase your website’s traffic quickly, efficiently, and in a way that produces results.




Here is a collection of photographs from Stephen O’Brien Photography, Ctrl Media’s exclusive photographer.
All of this work can be found on the @stobrnphotography instagram page.


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